Allergy Information - Macro Based Diner Meal Prep

Allergy Information

Food Safety

At Macro Based Diner we take hygiene incredibly seriously and we have robust procedures in place to ensure our food is prepared and delivered to you in the optimal condition. Our diner and food preparation have all been awarded the maximum Food Hygiene Rating of 5 by our Local Authority.

Guidance for Cooking

Cooking food properly will help make sure that any harmful bacteria are destroyed.  Each meal is individually packaged and supplied in a recyclable tub. When you wish to eat you meal you will need to place the full container in the microwave (the tubs consist of ventilated lids so you can keep the lid on, this will prevent steam accumulating inside the container) Depending on the wattage we recommend cooking between 3-4 mins or until piping hot (Guidelines Only).

To test if your food is hot enough, insert a small sharp knife into the food and insure it is piping hot throughout.