We have listened to all of your questions and the most common ones have been answered below…

If you still don’t have the answers you need, feel free to pop down to the Diner and chat to Mike or one of the team, you can also give us a call on 01642 909950

Do I need to pre order my food?

No, just call into the diner and have your meals made up for you to sit in or take away. You can order online for delivery or collection but make sure you place your order before 6pm on a Sunday, any orders placed after this time may not be processed.

If you are an existing customer you can call the diner with your order, please give us plenty of notice so that we have time to prepare your meals, especially during busy periods.

Can I see the menu?

Yes, the menu is online and you can view it by Clicking here

*we cannot guarantee that we will have all food in at all times, as it depends if we sell out*

How does it work?

We want the Macro Based Diner to work for everyone. If you purchase a meal card or order online for collection, you can collect all of your meals at once or spread them over 7 days (must be used before the expiry on your card if purchased in store) You would need to state in the special notes of your order online when you are wanting to collect.

If you order online for delivery, it is on Monday and Thursday. Alternatively, you can get all of your meals at once, you would just need to select this when ordering, and the delivery charges will be calculated.

You can also call in at the Diner at any time and purchase a standard meal deal, where you can get a freshly prepared meal and a drink to eat in or take away.

How many Macro Based Diner meals should I eat per day?

This depends on your required goals. However we advise 2/3 meals per day alongside your other meals throughout the day….want to go further into detail and get the exact amount of macros your body requires? Go for the bespoke plan and speak to Mike our specialist in nutrition who has worked alongside top athletes and trainers for over 10 years check with MIKE CHECK

What are the portion options for meals?

So we know everyone has different fitness goals, and we want to make sure our meals can fit anybody and their lifestyle. There are 4 options when choosing your portion sizes: Weight Loss, Maintenance, Weight Gain and Bespoke. Your food will all be specifically weighed out and measured to the portion size you decide on.

The Weight Loss meals contain under 300 calories.

The Maintenance meals contain 370-380 calories.

The Weight Gain meals contain 475-500 calories.

What is the Bespoke Plan?

The Bespoke Plan is tailored entirely to the individual, our CEO Mike Hind is an Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, Mike will take your body measurements and daily lifestyle into account and work out the exact amount of food your body needs. You can get your diet tailored fully to you. If you would like to purchase the Bespoke Plan you would need to make an appointment with Mike himself. Give us a call on 01642 909950 where we can take your details and get you booked in.

How do I cook and how long do I microwave my meal for?

Place the full container in the microwave and peel back the tamper proof lid to let air flow in – Depending on the wattage we recommend cooking between 4 and 6 mins or until piping hot (Guidelines Only)

(850 watt 4 mins, 750 watt 5 mins or 700 watt 6 mins)

How long do my meals last upon purchase?

Upon day of purchase we recommend keeping your meals refrigerated for no more than 3 days, then you can freeze the rest and defrost once ready to eat.

Is the food Gluten Free?

All of our food is prepared in an environment where gluten is present, therefore no guarantees can be made to our food being gluten free.View all allergies info here

What if I don’t like veg?

Vegetables are a good source of fibre, our meals include Spinach, a handful of Green Beans and stems of Broccoli. However, if you choose not to have veg or only to have certain veg, you can just select it online then write in the special notes what veg you would like.

Is your food cooked in oils?

Nope, all of our food is oven baked.

What are the macros in the meals?

All information with macro values can be found here

Are the meals Syn Free and will they fit in with my slimming world diet?

All of our meat is syn free. The pasta and rice however is not.