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Half your size

1 week ago I took on this guy… Dibsy Mcclintock New, as most of you will know I take 1 person each year for free in a bid to help them change there life. Last year we took Lea Browbank who lost a whopping 15st and I now employ. This years client Dibsy is set to be my biggest challenge to date.

So the question begs as to why I do this? Why would I train someone twice a day, Feed them 4-5 times a day, be there day or night and why would I do it all FREE of charge? Well the truth is in 2013 I had a dream of owning a gym, I had no idea what I was doing but I offered a years membership to 100 people for £100 each, remember this was a gym that didn’t exist, but I sold all 100, I then bought kit to start what we have today, and I promised that I would each year return that kindness that other showed me and give something back.

I don’t offer this package for sale, I do it each year free of charge. So for 12 months I’ll feed him, train him and support him, and he will in turn trust me, work with me and most of all smile back at me x

For the First Time we have revealed the weight of @dibsymcclintocknew.
40st was his start weight, and now he is down by 2stone. What a journey this will be.
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