Mike and Dibsy on TV - Macro Based Diner

Mike and Dibsy on TV

Mike and Dibsy have appeared on This Morning for more information check out the Gazette article here. Mike, Jenny and the team at Macro Based Diner have formulated a bespoke macro based diet to ensure Dibsy hits his targets over the coming months. Alongside the food plan Mike and MAS Body Gym team have developed a custom exercise regime to ensure Dibsy is training safely while achieving maximum results.


Why do we do this?

The answer might well be a surprise to you.  For those that know Mike you find a truly grounded individual who is focused and passionate about his family, friends, colleagues and his businesses.  Mike started his first business with nothing more than an idea and a dream and only through the support of those around him has he been able to go on to the levels of success we see now from the serial entrepreneur and business owner.  As well as sporting the award of best Personal trainer in the UK, Mike and his award winning team run MAS Body Gym, MAS Body Clothing and Macro Based Diner.

The full answer to the question, Why, answered by the man himself can be found here 

Got a goal?

If you have a target in mind get in touch with one of the MAS team today to start your journey.