Bespoke 10 Meal Pack - Macro Based Diner Meal Prep

Bespoke 10 Meal Pack


*Please Note the set up fee for the bespoke measurements will be an additional one off charge of £25

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With the Bespoke meal card, our CEO and Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritionist Mike Hind, will tailor your meals fully to you, giving you the exact weights and specific values. Mike will base this around your body and your lifestyle.

Once purchased you will be contacted by one of our team to take all relevant information based on your required goals.

You can either take away meals each day or sit in and relax in one of our booths. You can even take away all 10 meals at once, the choice is yours. We will prepare your meals fresh in front of you while you wait.

Get on track with your fitness goals today and leave no room for error with a Bespoke meal card!

*Please note the meal card will expire in 7 days so you must collect all of your meals by the stated date.