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Protein Pizza Pack (2 Pizza’s)


Get ready to be amazed at the taste of this LOW CALORIE, GUILT FREE, Protein PIZZA. With only 345 calories in this healthy pizza, you can throw out the take away menu! Cook & Enjoy…. Without the guilt!

Pizza packs arrive with ingredients to create x2 Pizza’s to enjoy – if you would prefer 2 separate flavours please add a note to your order specifying which.

Each pizza contains aprox 345 calories (with a topping 416*)



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Your Pizza Pack Contains:

1 x Pizza Base

1 x Tub Protein Cheese

1 x Tub Tomato Base Sauce

1 x Tub Topping Of Your Choice

Serves 1 Person

Protein Pizza Cooking Instructions

First, pan fry the pre made pizza base for 30
seconds each side, add your sauce, then top
with the protein cheese along with your choice
of topping.

Place in a pre heated oven at 220 degrees for 7-10
minutes or until your cheese is melted to
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