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Sun on Dibsy

As the training and diet continues under Mike’s expert training programme the Sun National News paper have picked up the story and sent their report Robin Perrie along to experience a book camp session at the Gym.

It’s not the first time a Sun reporter has had to dodge a punch but this time it’s a heavyweight trying to land one, with his personal trainer egging him on. The pair had just
endured a 40-minute bootcamp workout at Mike’s gym — and as Dibsy tips the scales at nearly four times my body weight, it means I’ve got a bit more energy left than he has, enough to dodge his last few lunges in the boxing ring.

During all training sessions Dibsy is fitted with a heart monitor to ensure he is not overdoing it and working at a safe level for his heart. It also reveals the total calories burnt in a session. Dibsy was just about done in after the 40 min session and the heart monitor revealed he had burnt 1,520 calories that session.

Alongside the fresh meals and bespoke food plan provided by Mike and the team at the Macro Based Diner Dibsy is consuming around 3,000 calories and not the whopping 11,000 he was before.

Macro Based Diner Food for Dibsy

3,500 calories

BREAKFAST: Overnight oats (left to soak in milk overnight) with berries

LUNCH: Omelette with green beans and broccoli

DINNER: Jamaican jerk chicken and white rice


Steak meatballs and pasta with broccoli

DRINKS: Dibsy has ditched fizzy drinks and alcohol. He now drinks four litres of water and a protein shake each day.

Dibsy has also given up sweets, crisps and chocolate

All the food is available from our online store and if you want to challenge yourself to achieve a personal weight goal check out our Macro’s page and also our meal plans designed to help you achieve your goals

Thanks to Robin and the Sun

Many thanks to Robin and the Sun Newspaper for taking the time to visit MAS Body Gym and the Macro Based Diner and experience the life changing transformation that is taking place.  The full article can be viewed here