Terms & Conditions - Macro Based Diner Meal Prep

Terms & Conditions

General Terms
MACRO BASED DINER freshly prepare all meals. You can choose to collect from the diner or we will deliver your meals to your doorstep. Macro Based Diner will delivery between 11am and 3 pm on Monday and Thursday unless alternative arrangements have been made and agreed. All main meals are packaged in biodegradable boxes and are stored and delivered in a temperature controlled van so your meals arrive fresh! Do not consume a product if you have any doubts of whether the product is fit for consumption. Contact us immediately without attempting to consume the product. Macro Based Diner will not refund an order on the basis of unsatisfactory taste to the consumer, your desired goals haven’t been met such as weight loss and muscle gain. Macro Based Diner will explore all avenues to bring a satisfactory outcome.
Cancellation & Amendments
Cancellations are to be advised 48 hours before expected delivery as is any amendments made to your order. Your order will be processed and charged for cancellations later than the time frame given.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at info@macrobaseddiner.co.uk