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Macro Based Diner healthy meal prep co.

Get to know the ethos behind the brand and the staff who make Macro Based Diner the Award Winning Meal Prep Company right here on Teesside.

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Mike Hind MBE

Mike Hind, the founder of Macro Based Diner Healthy Meal Prep, is a certified IFBB coach and a qualified nutritional advisor. Renowned as one of the UK's leading Personal Trainers, he has featured prominently on national TV putting Teesside firmly on the map. Mike's expertise in nutrition and fitness is established by his pivotal role in the UK's most significant weight loss achievement in under a year. He was instrumental in guiding 'Dibsy' to an astonishing 20-stone weight loss in 358 days, using the meal plans from Macro Based Diner. His approach combines training with precise nutritional strategies, ensuring each meal is a perfect blend of taste and health as well as macro counted perfectly. Mike’s dedication to fitness and nutrition is the ethos of Macro Based Diner.

Co Founder

Jennylee Hind

Jennylee Hind is not only the co-founder of Macro Based Diner Healthy Meal Prep but also the heart and soul behind its daily operations. Balancing her role as a mother of three with her expertise as a fully qualified personal trainer, she brings a unique and authentic perspective into the world of health and fitness. Jenny’s hands-on approach and understanding of the real-life challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle resonate with our clients, making her an approachable and relatable figure. She is a source of inspiration for busy mums who want to maintain healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule. Jenny’s commitment to health and well-being is an important factor in her role at Macro Based Diner and she is on hand in the diner most days to help with any questions or queries.

miss uk bikini champion

Ashleigh Sives jackson

Ashleigh Sives Jackson is a dedicated personal trainer and accomplished professional athlete, she plays a crucial role at Macro Based Diner Healthy Meal Prep. Her deep expertise in fitness and athletic training significantly shapes our health-focused meal plans, ensuring they support both wellness and performance goals. Ashleigh's approachable nature and genuine passion for health and fitness have made her a favourite among our clientele. She not only motivates and inspires but also connects with them on a personal level. This unique bond with our customers amplifies her value to the Macro Based Diner team, making her an indispensable part of our journey towards promoting a balanced and active lifestyle.