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Weight Loss Meals

This Weight Loss meal prep package is perfect for those who just want their main meals from us.

We understand the struggles that people face either at work or around the home, no more vending machine snacks or supermarket meal deals… Simply grab your meal from the fridge, snap off the tamper-proof lid and pop it in the microwave.

You can build each meal to your taste, we don’t have a set menu and give you 100% control of what you eat with the confidence that they all fit your macros.

Whoever said that losing weight and eating healthy had to be boring and difficult?

Our meal prep is made using the best cuts of meat and tantalising flavours. You won’t even feel like you’re on a diet, you will be full and satisfied and even look forward to the next meal day after day.

This package is perfect for weight loss as each meal contains between 280 calories and 300 calories depending on what combination you choose.

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